Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cards ♥

For Christmas this year my mom wanted me to design our christmas cards! I was very excited to use my own creativity to do something nice for my family. I came up with four versions...

Happy Holidays!!! :)

s t e f

This is the first version I made. I wanted to make a very holiday-ish looking card and this is what I came up with.

For this card I chose to go with a decorative theme. I wanted to use bright colors and make it fun looking. This is my sister Suzi's favorite design :)

This is the third design I created. My mom wanted me to mention somewhere that the Mumma's were scattered around everywhere, so I came up with Kathleen in New York, Jeff in Wisconsin, Stephanie, Suzi and Kevin in Bowling Green, Everyone home for the holidays! She really liked the look of this one, however the tree at the bottom did not print right, so we could not choose this version.

This is the final version I made for my family. I liked this one because it was completely different from all the usual Christmas cards you receive in the mail. It is very bold and abstract yet still shows the love and holiday spirit of my family!
This is the winner, the one we printed!!-- You should be getting it in the mail soon!! :)

Merry Christmas

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